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Mojo Networks Partners With Alpha Technologies to Deliver Cloud-Managed WiFi to Cable Operators Worldwide
Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 02:23:13 PM

Mojo Networks

Alpha Looks to Mojo for Scalable, Feature-Rich WiFi Solutions as Carriers and Cable Operators Look to Provide Hotspots to Deliver Value Add

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., February 29, 2016 - Mojo Networks, the modern WiFi platform for delivering prolific connectivity, has partnered with Alpha Technologies, the global leader in broadband power solutions for cable TV, broadband communication and data networks worldwide. The partnership will enable Alpha Technologies to make available Mojo’s award-winning cloud-managed WiFi platform to cable operators as demand for wide-scale hotspots increases throughout the outside plant.

As carriers and cable operators look to provide hotspots to deliver value, while adding services such as video, voice and Internet access, they demand a highly scalable solution that can easily manage millions of WiFi hotspots. Mojo’s heritage as a cloud-first, rapidly deployable WiFi offering, in addition to its new suite of cloud solutions to deliver value on top of WiFi enablement, makes it a natural fit for the industry.

“Allying with Mojo Networks as a strategic investor and market development partner will enable Alpha’s global broadband customers to rapidly increase their number of hotspots and strategically deploy the latest networking technologies to their end users quickly,” said Drew Zogby, president and CEO, Alpha Technologies, Inc. “Mojo’s focus on scalability and value-added features delivers what carriers and cable operators need to move fast and keep up with the pace of innovation. Alpha is well positioned to work with our key global MSO customers to leverage the full capabilities of their HFC networks for the most cost effective mass WiFi deployment.”

Mojo Networks’ cloud-managed WiFi solution delivers a rich suite of features with the scalability to meet the breadth of carrier and cable operators’ demands, supporting up to millions of users across geographic areas. Alpha’s comprehensive installation, preventative maintenance, and repair programs complement such a diverse line of innovative and cost-effective power products.

“Our partnership with Alpha expands our market reach and validates Mojo’s capability to offer massive scalability and create value beyond just a WiFi connection,” said Rick Wilmer, CEO of Mojo Networks. “We look forward to helping carriers and cable operators extend the reach and impact of their hotspots.”

Mojo Networks and Alpha Technologies will target global and domestic MSOs with their new partnership. Alpha plans to deploy various Mojo products as an integrated part of their power infrastructures that remain geared toward MSOs. Adding Mojo-powered cloud-managed WiFi into the realm of Alpha Technologies’ power products is an opportunity to help customers rapidly increase their number of hotspots.

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