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Mojo Launches Radical New Business Model for Enterprise WiFi That Disrupts the Economics of the Industry
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 04:34:22 PM

Mojo Networks

After Success With Global 2000, Mojo Extends New Supply Chain Model That Delivers Top-of-the-Line Access Points While Reducing TCO by More Than 50 Percent

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 28, 2016 - Mojo Networks, the modern WiFi platform for delivering prolific connectivity from the cloud, has launched an industry-first business model for WiFi that will empower customers with enterprise-grade networking innovation at a fraction of the cost of traditional WiFi vendors. After successfully implementing the new model with Global 2000 customers over the past year, Mojo is now making all of its state-of-the-art 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 access points available to the market without the traditionally expensive hardware markup.

Mojo is making its access points available directly from its hardware supply chain partners with Mojo’s access point software pre-loaded. This direct-to-market model results in significant cost savings for the end user of up to 50% over traditional vendors who stack significant markups on access point hardware.

Basic WiFi functionality is widely available on standard chipsets, while networking functionality is hardware independent. Virtualized management in the cloud enables Mojo to bring this innovative business model to the wider market. Compute and storage have been virtualized to reduce costs and offer greater choice. Mojo is driving WiFi networking in that same direction to better meet customer needs. Open platform initiatives such as Open Compute leverage the power of collective minds to drive new ideas and significant cost reductions. However, traditional WiFi has lagged behind in this area, clinging to proprietary hardware and controllers despite the fact that software virtualization and the cloud has rendered them largely unnecessary.

“We’re seeing a major industry shift in infrastructure toward open networking and standardized WiFi hardware, and Mojo Networks is paving the way for enterprises and service providers to start adopting this approach,” said George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks. “Following our own recent launch of open hardware designs for access points, we’re thrilled to see Mojo Networks promoting the benefits of standard designs, and eventually open-source hardware designs. The wide availability of these hardware platforms will accelerate software innovation, lower CAPEX, and give freedom of choice to the customer.”

“Companies are frustrated with enterprise networking because it’s a hinderance to accelerating their business. The proprietary nature of WiFi solutions is a clear, and significant, example of this problem. We’ve seen proprietary hardware standardized for computing and storage, and it’s time for this to happen in WiFi. This new business model is a direct response to the impact of the cloud on wireless networking and where, in today’s world, access point value is actually being created” said Rick Wilmer, CEO at Mojo Networks. “Software and virtualized cloud-managed WiFi is fundamental to this revolution. It allows us to achieve what was previously impossible: fast scaling to meet demand, rapid enterprise-wide software updates, more flexibility for IT organizations, and better business agility for our customers. Our new business model provides Mojo’s purpose-built unified cloud, along with our leading edge access points, without markups, thus eliminating WiFi as a capital expenditure.”

Mojo is sourcing access point hardware from the world’s leading original design manufacturers (ODMs) and pre-loading Mojo’s access point software to bring customers the most cutting edge Mojo-branded access point hardware. Mojo’s solutions deliver unified access, security and engagement features which are all managed from Mojo’s secure cloud platform. Mojo uses major global distributors such as Ingram Micro in the U.S. for delivery, and local value-add resellers for local support.

This is all made possible because Mojo access points can be managed from a purpose-built unified cloud that can scale to manage millions of devices. Mojo’s secure multi-tenant architecture brings tremendous simplicity, ease of use, scalability, and value-add features that are fully integrated across various access points.

“IDC sees cloud-managed WiFi as the fastest growing sector in the WiFi space with the combined infrastructure and services market poised to reach $2.5 billion by 2018. That includes an increased focus on the network being delivered 'as-a-service' as companies look for greater value and flexibility,” said Nolan Greene, Research Analyst, Network Infrastructure at IDC. “The move to software-driven solutions is suggested by the increased interest in SDN, open networking, and network virtualization approaches for the enterprise. The historically hardware-centric approach to enterprise campus networking will be challenged by disruptors.”

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