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Mojo Cloud Managed WiFi Subscription Packages
The only fully integrated platform for your wireless infrastructure

Mojo Wi-Fi Group

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Cloud Managed WiFi Subscription Packages

  Enterprise Enterprise Lite
WiFi access management, including set-up, configuration, deployment and monitoring
Mobile-optimized interface for on-the-go configuration and high-level monitoring
Graphical troubleshooting, remote packet capture and cloud storage for traces and logs
Guest network capabilities including splash page design and user access management
API for location, device, policy and user management
Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS), including wireless scanning, policy management and automated detection and prevention
Robust event system and real-time alerting for response and forensics
Pre-defined templates for automated reporting of threats and compliance status
API for security policy creation, quarantine activities, device fingerprinting, event management and reporting
Authentication plugins using social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare), customizable Web Form, Guestbook, SMS and Clickthrough
Wi-Fi Analytics: visitor footfall, loyalty, engagement, conversion, top URL accessed
Social Login Analytics: Demographics (sex, age, location), public user profile information
Zone-based analytics
API for analytics, portal configuration, third party integration
Premium splash and landing page templates  
Advanced Widgets – Youtube, Vimeo, Poll Daddy, Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Passbook Coupons, App Store and Google Play Store links, Image slider  
Mobile Engagement (In-Browser*/SMS/MMS Delivery)  
24x7x365 phone and email support
Lifetime warranty for all hardware purchases
Regular firmware updates for security, performance and feature enhancements



Easily managed WiFi at scale

Access automated


The Mojo cloud managed platform is designed to handle many day-to-day tasks that help keep networks up and running. It makes every click worth more, eliminating the need for unnecessary manual efforts by taking on major processes in the background.

Access intuitive


If you have only limited time to check in on the health and status of your network, you can’t waste any time digging through the dirt to find the answers you need. Mojo visualizes data so your monitoring and troubleshooting exercises are streamlined and easy to resolve.

Access extensible


The cloud doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it reaches out to other critical systems you use through comprehensive API’s and alerts. It feeds your technology ecosystem to make it more cohesive, better informed and orchestrated into your current workflows.


Secure the WiFi air

Real time

Real Time

The cloud processes massive amounts of information with an army of access points relaying up-to-the-minute details on your wireless airspace. The result is an immediate response with the most relevant data sent your way so you know exactly what’s happening at all times wherever you are.



Effective security programs are the product of multiple systems working together, informing each other constantly in an effort to create a cohesive perspective of your threat landscape. The cloud gets the right data to the right system so your entire security program is stronger.



The days of resource caps, processing limitations and dependent access points are over. The cloud elevates every critical application beyond these barriers, never stopping in its mission to deliver peace of mind and the protection you need for your organization.


Elevate WiFi experience

Real Time

Real Time

It’s the moment when your guests show up that meaningful relationships are forged. Meet your guests at the intersection of physical and digital and talk with them, not at them, when it matters most



The biggest picture informs the smallest and most impactful decisions. The cloud processes huge amounts of data to beautifully visualize and transform it into relevant concepts so you can act quickly and intelligently.



We all want to feel special. So why not elevate your WiFi so each of your guests feels this way? The cloud gives you the tools you need to uniquely personalize the user experience when they connect and while they browse.